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Charlie Ellison

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Charlie Ellison

• My passion is helping others. I have served in the ministry for over 40 years. I have served as Pastor, Missionary, Church Planter, Director of WorldWide Missionary Service, Police Chaplain, President of Reach America Ministries, and several other positions of service.

• I have helped many people find purpose in life and help them prepare for a better life here and later. One of the tools the devil uses to destroy lives and families is debt. The Bible teaches, we can be set free and this includes freedom from financial bondage. The Private Family Banking System is helping people become debt free and enjoy a victorious life that God desires for them. (John 10:10)

• We now have the tools needed to educate others on the benefits of being your own banker, generating income and saving interest at the same time to build a legacy for future generations.

• I have been married to my best friend for over 49 years. Linda and I have two children, five grandchildren, and a great-grandson. We live in the Metro Houston area in Deer Park, Texas.

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