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David Shipman

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David Shipman

  • I personally originated a Private Family Bank in February 2013. It has been my primary source of cashflow management for retirement and other investments. I personally know the value it brings and through it, I have been able to participate in other investment opportunities, multiplying my rates of return. I very much enjoy working with others to create the financial security and life options that a PFB offers.
  • I have worked in financial services since 1986. This has included many areas such as tax preparation, debt management, lending, personal financial coaching and more. I even held my securities license for a while but opted to relinquish it as I find the PFB a better strategy for people.
  • With a degree in Business Management, I have also completed multiple financial programs such as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training, various Robert Kiyosaki programs, and other investment-related courses. I love helping people achieve their goals, become debt-free, and winning at money.

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