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Greg Cook

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Greg Cook

  • I began my career as a financial advisor in 1983. I was well educated and trained on the “traditional” strategies available to help people achieve their financial goals. BUT…
  • During those 31 years, there were 5 bear markets. The definition of a “bear market” is a market drop of at least 20%. Everyone invested during those times was negatively impacted financially.
  • Conventional financial wisdom says “diversify your investments into a number of different types of investments with different types of risk.” The reason: all investments aren’t going to lose value at the same time. However, no one can predict if or when an investment is going to lose value. Being diversified or not, ANY loss negatively affects your achievement of financial goals. So…
  • That’s why I am very excited about the financial strategies utilized in Private Family Banking™! Now I can advise my clients how to actually achieve their goals and dreams without risk or the worry of their investments losing value. Private Family Banking™ is a successful and proven plan which provides my clients with peace of mind!

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