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Jacqueline Jones

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Jacqueline Jones

  • My mother taught me to always be in control of my income. She was a nurse by night and the Avon Lady by day. Through her Avon business, she taught me basic business skills which developed my entrepreneurial talents.
  • As the radio host of the “Jackie Jones Challenge to Living the Life of Your Dreams”, I had the great pleasure of interviewing many successful business people. They reinforced in me the understanding that it’s not what you make but what you keep that determines your success.
  • It’s been almost twenty years since I interviewed John Cummuta on my show about his “Debt-Free and Prosperous Living” program. Because of John, I am now a Private Family Banking partner.
  • It is my goal to educate others on the benefits of being their own banker, generating income and saving interest at the same time to build a legacy for future generations.

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