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Luis De La Cruz

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Luis De La Cruz

  • I have worked in the field of student loans and business finances for the U.S. Department of Education, and the corporate world in the last 10 years.
  • My dream job is to help the Christian community as their planning advisor. The last time when the stock market crashed, I lost my entire life savings, and I don’t want anybody to go through that heartbreak. I want to educate people and give them money wise options for generations to come.
  • At first, building wealth and starting a Private Family Banking™ seemed like learning a new language. I witnessed hard-working men, who didn’t have anything and were deep in debt, turn everything around when connected to the right company, utilizing the best investment strategy and most of all, partnering with the right agent – someone who has the heart to help others.
  • With Private Family Banking™, I feel confident you can reach your family financial goals and I’ll be there for you should the unexpected or tragic happen. I want to be the one who delivers that check at your front door. I speak blessings over every family I come across.

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