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Mel Wild

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Mel Wild

  • I’ve been involved in helping people with their personal finances for over 20 years, working with personal finance expert and best-selling author, John Cummuta, as his Director of Education, for five of those years. I’ve also been a pastor of a local church since 2005, where I’ve counseled many families with financial hardships.
  • My wife and I heard about the Private Family Banking (PFB) from John Cummuta and we have personally been using the PFB system for over a year. We absolutely love it! Because we believe in it so much, I decided to join Rocky and John and become a Private Family Banking Partner™.
  • The question I asked myself is this: do I really want to risk my family’s future on a volatile stock market and other speculative investment opportunities? The answer was a resounding “no!” This is why I’m so glad I found Private Family Banking. Not only for my family, but because I believe it offers a unique solution to the millions of Americans who desperately need a safe, secure, tax-free wealth accumulation and wealth-growing system, as well as a powerful self-financing resource.

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