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Melba Talbot

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Melba Talbot

  • After 32 years working with small businesses and high net worth individuals, I yearned for meaningful impact in my client’s lives.
  • I lived thru at least 3 stock market crashes, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and watched real estate values plummet.
  • Portfolios were subject to the vagaries of the market, not to mention taxes, penalties and sales charge.

Then came Private Family Banking Partners (a concept of creating our own Private Family Bank through participating whole life policies) in 2015. It was an answer to our prayers. Wish we found it earlier. But it is never too late.

We are in the process of re-allocating 100% of our retirement assets & non-retirement assets into our family bank. We want to make our income equal our premium.

How exciting to finally look a client in the eye and say yes, you will be able to:

    • Build wealth – interest and dividend compounding
    • Access your money tax-free
    • Have LTC should you need it
    • Pass your money to your heirs tax free with a death benefit
    • Educate & Create a legacy for your future generation

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