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Delisa Moncree

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Delisa Moncree

  • I spent the bulk of my career life working in the financial services and real estate industry, so including insurance to the equation seemed like the natural progression that I needed to advance in life.
  • I am passionate about the community and love sharing knowledge on ideas of how to protect oneself from possible financial devastation. My family, friends, associates, and others have always been of great importance to me. Thus I am always encouraging them to get and stay covered through the use of various types of life policies.
  • I first learned about Private Family Banking when I stumbled upon a video that explained the power of a specific type of life policy that would give me substantial financial leverage & power from the very start. Some of the things that I had learned from the video were very shocking, so I had to admit that it sounded too good to be true. Since I am a dreamer, I continued in my journey and discovered that what I had learned was factual and true. Several years later, I met someone who said that she was working with the agency that had produced the same video. I decided to get started with them, and so far, I believe that I have found my dream come true business/career.
  • Even in these volatile markets and uncertain economic times, I feel quite confident that I can safely assist my family, friends, and others in securing their financial future. I am incredibly fortunate and proud to have the opportunity to offer Private Family Banking products and services.

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