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John Hopkins

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John Hopkins

  • Many of the people I meet are buried under a mountain of debt. I learned about a simple method to eliminate debt and build your nest egg at the same time! You can be completely debt-free and have the money to stay that way.
  • I am the husband of one, father of four, and grandfather of three (and counting!). Money matters are a regular topic of conversation with my young adult children. They want to know how to get out of debt and set themselves up for success. They want to do a better job than I did of providing for their families. Their eyes lit up when I explained the simple method Private Family Banking offers for them to maximize every dollar that flows into their hands.
  • Money is the number one stressor on marriages. I have devoted the past 30+ years to youth and families as a youth pastor and pastor. Money is always an issue. I realized the best way I could help couples strengthen their marriages was to guide them toward better money management. Private Family Banking Partners provides a tool to lead couples through a budgeting process, to debt elimination, and ultimately to financial security. It is simple, effective, and I love sharing it with people!

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