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John Moisa

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John Moisa

I am excited to share the Private Family Banking system with as many people as I can. When I found out how the average person is trained to handle their money, and the manipulation we all face from big Banks and big Government, I was even more motivated to help others see how to build personal family wealth.

Since starting my own Private Family Bank, I can see clearly how this is the only way to properly save money for the future and avoid taxes.

This program can and will help people to pay off debt, save for retirement, and provide working capital for their projects all from the same plan and all this while avoiding taxes. A qualified plan cannot do that!

My wife Kim and I have been in the service occupations all our lives, Kim as a Nurse and me as a Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, and the Director of an In-home care company. Partnering with Private Family Banking Partners is an easy add-on for me. I love to educate and help others.

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