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Mike Smalley

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Mike Smalley

  • Mike has served in the financial service industry for over two decades, through early tours with big-box companies – learning that everything that glitters is not gold – then after shedding securities licensing, moving to a broker role, aligning intentionally with key carriers in the life insurance, Medicare plan, and related health plan worlds. Mike’s motto: Selecting the right carrier, and the right structure of plan tailored to your unique needs serves you well.
  • Mike has taught budgeting, debt elimination, and many other wealth topics through Crown Financial Ministries and many other options across the Midwest, and is an active supporter of his local church, and numerous local and national non-profit organizations.
  • Enabling your family via freeing your tremendous wealth potential (no matter your present socio-economic situation) while maximizing your small business cash flow, Mike shows you options to master money and reach your goals and dreams. His life insurance work is inspired by the wisdom and teachings of R. Nelson Nash and others dedicated to sound money principles and the Infinite Banking Concept®.
  • Private Family Banking® is your valuable resource providing relationship-based opportunities to eliminate debt, self-finance your children’s college education and your business development phases, as well as fund your post-working years’ needs, then provide for your estate. Today is the best day to change your future. Call me today.

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