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Rick Watson

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Rick Watson

  • I have enjoyed 3 career fields in my life, Sales Management, Finance Management and the Insurance industry as a Flood Adjuster/Insurance producer/advisor. All 3 career paths have one common denominator, the need to PROTECT family, property, retirement and generational wealth transfer against loss.
  • While reviewing the Private Family Banking™ system, the Covid19 virus was spreading nationwide. It brought to light the fact that many of us are vulnerable to conditions beyond our control. After studying this intensely, I realize now just how much this system can PROTECT a family’s monthly finances and long term wealth.
  • Private Family Banking™ is an incredible company that offers revolutionary products and services that will change your perspective on personal finance like never before. It affords you the ability to pay off all of your debt and build tax-free wealth, with the same dollars at the same time… all with your current Household Income! This system is also very well suited for businesses, especially as our country works to recover from this pandemic.
  • As Donna and I get closer to retirement age, we have become less willing to put our hard-earned savings at risk in the market and are implementing our own family banking system for our retirement. I finally feel confident, worry-free and optimistic about my family’s financial future.
  • I look forward to discussing the ways we could help your family and/or business to implement a safe and sound “Private Family Bank” that can build a present-day financial safety net as well as a secure retirement.

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