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Sharod Edwards

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Sharod Edwards

  • A long time ago, I made a commitment to stand up for hard-working families because everyone who wants to strengthen their financial situation, regardless of social-economic background, deserves access to all of the opportunities, information, products, and services available.
  • I understand and care about your concerns. I want to offer you a solution so you don’t have to stress over finances ever again!
  • I’ve worked in the financial industry since 2005 for companies including JP Morgan Chase and Wachovia Securities. I have been a licensed securities expert that has obtained various financial designations to include CRPC, CMFC, AWMA, and APMA. I have broken records in every financial position that I have held and have played a vital role in helping 1000’s of families protect and grow their wealth. I can help you too!
  • Allow me to introduce you to Private Family Banking so you can start protecting and growing your hard-earned wealth.

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