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Vaughn Resper

  • I have been in the financial services business for nearly 40 years. From insurance to mortgage banking, I have experienced the good times and the bad. I experienced the prosperity of the mortgage business from 1995 until the crash in 2008.
  • However my experience with the Private Family Banking concept and company exceeds any good times I’ve had in the financial services world. I’ve always believed that financial services was one of the most honorable professions I could be a part of, but the privilege of working with like-minded partners who care more about people than they care about earthly rewards is truly a blessing.
  • From the discovery of this concept by Nelson Nash to John Cummuta (the author of The Banker’s Secret) to Rocky Nystrom (the founder of Private Family Banking Partners), it has been like a dream come true. To be able to not only relieve people of debt but also reduce their taxes and build their personal family bank like the Rothchilds is phenomenal. I am so extremely thankful to be a part of a real economic revolution.
  • When I was a teenager, my father told me, “If you see or hear something that sounds or looks too good to be true, take a chance…because it just might be true!” Private Family Banking fits the bill.
  • It would be my honor to explain this concept further to you and then help you build your own family bank.

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