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Dan Furnish

  • As parents of a special needs child, financial planning for our retirement, as well as our son’s lifetime, has always been a primary concern. Even though we have invested wisely, the market volatility had us very concerned as to when the next “correction” will occur and we did not want our retirement savings to suffer.
  • Close to ten years ago I was introduced to John Cummuta’s “Transforming Debt into Wealth” teachings, embraced the concepts and put his recommendations into action. So, based on our success with his methods when he introduced the Private Family Banking concept I was very open minded. The idea of being able to pay off debt and build tax-free wealth with the same dollar at the same time amazed me. This, along with the ability to borrow funds without reducing the policy cash value and watching it grow with compounded interest and dividends, was exactly the vehicle we were looking for.
  • We’ve been using our Private Family Bank with great success and helping others set up their own Private Family Bank as a guaranteed wealth building strategy.

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