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Jim Shipp

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Jim Shipp

  • Jim spent the first 30 years of his working career in a Fortune 500 company doing financially what the world tells you to do.
  • He was putting a percentage of his salary in a 401K, which seemed to be a great decision until 2008 when he lost 40% of what it took him years to accumulate.
  • Disillusioned with what was being offered he set out to find a better and more secure way of acquiring wealth.
  • He was introduced to Private Family Banking and found it to be the answer he was looking for, but also an answer no one was talking about.
  • Jim wants to help others who may be looking for the same answers he was but not sure how to find.
  • Some people like Jim may think it is too late for them, but a wise man once asked him when was the best time to plant a tree? The answer is 20 years ago.  When is the next best time? Answer is today.

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