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John Cummuta

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John Cummuta

  • I’m a best-selling personal finance author, and I’ve spent nearly a quarter century researching the best methods and tools to help people eliminate debts and build wealth.
  • When the nature of the stock market changed in 2000, and both the stock and real estate markets were manipulated into wealth-crushing rather than wealth-building investments in 2008, I remembered having heard about the Infinite Banking Concept™ a decade earlier. It was time to lift the hood and figure out how it really worked. At just that time it was my good fortune to be introduced to Rocky Nystrom, who was not only a specialist in this concept but a national trainer of agents wanting to sell it.
  • As soon as I understood what a life insurance policy designed to operate as a personal bank could do, I kicked myself for not having begun one a decade ago; and then I immediately started a big policy and began moving my money out of qualified plans into my Private Family Bank™. Not long after that I realized that to really help people implement this concept I should have an insurance license.
  • Since then I’ve been working with Rocky and the other Private Family Banking Partners™ to bring this unique solution to the millions of Americans who desperately need a safe, secure, tax-free wealth accumulation and wealth-growing system, as well as a powerful self-financing resource.

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