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MarShon Peoples

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MarShon Peoples

  • Like everyone else, my concern was having enough money to survive. I got tired of living on my $704 disability check each month from suffering a severe gunshot wound to the head while protecting teens from gang violence.
  • Instead of giving up on life, I pursued a career geared toward protecting people in another area of life – their finances. I’m excited to teach families how to protect and grow their hard-earned income – a secret the rich have been privy to for over 100 years!
  • It’s a Private Family Bank…
  • Only a specially trained and licensed financial agent, like myself, can set up a Private Family Bank™ policy to help you pay off debt, build tax-free wealth and protect your family’s assets at the same time with your current dollars.
  • The cost? The cost is simple. How much do you want to save each month?
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