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Tamara Reeves

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Tamara Reeves

  • I am a wife of 23 years and the mother of 3 amazing young adults.  After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University, I worked in Corporate America for 25 years making a 6-figure salary but still had no understanding as to why we could never make ends meet. BUT, NOW I KNOW THE ANSWER!
  • Private Family Banking is an incredible company that offers revolutionary products and services that will change your perspective on personal finance like never before. Imagine being able to pay off all of your debt AND build tax-free wealth, with the same dollars at the same time… all with your CURRENT INCOME!  With my own Private Family Bank, I am truly enjoying thinking like, living like, and one day….retiring like A BANKER!
  • Explore my website to learn more, and then schedule an appointment with me for a FREE consultation so we can review your numbers and long-term goals.

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