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Vilma Blum

  • 2008 was a crucial year for many in the market and it had an effect on me as well. I am a mother of three grown children, a hospice nurse, and a woman with a passion to help others. Life is short and full of many blessings through the highs and lows we all experience. Private Family Banking™ is not only meant for the present but also for the legacy you wish to leave for your loved ones.
  • Private Family Banking™ brings the education and information you need to empower yourself with the ability to gain control of your finances. Find the freedom in reducing debt, paying for college, and so much more. I renovated my backyard and paid myself to do it. That is such a small gain, but see what the big gains can be for you.
  • Private Family Banking™ is a wonderful vehicle with which I can practice my life values of empowering others. If getting out of chaos and reclaiming control or finding peace in your present is your goal, then take the time to catch the opportunity that is here make a difference in your life.

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